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August 27th, 2012


Brandy and I are in SFO for some last minute appointments. I tried Uber 3 times yesterday after reading about them for awhile.

Quick, Efficient, and Delighted
Last night, Brandy and I were up in the first Balcony of the Sundance Kabuki theaters watching the credits of Frank and Robot scroll by. I activated the app on my Android phone telling Uber that we needed a ride. Uber quickly told us, that Mauro was 3 minutes away. By the time we got down the stairs, he was there waiting for us. DELIGHTED we were!

It’s a bit more expensive than a taxi is my guess. But the convience and cleanlyness of these black cars is awesome. Brandy is not supposed to be on her feet for more than 5 minutes cuz of our momos, so this service is ideal vs Taxis, buses and trains.

I’m stoked.

Reading about it for the past year or so just does not do it justice. To see and experience how quick and seamless the experience is excites me.

August 23rd, 2012

Speeding Ticket in Milwaukie, Oregon

I got a speeding ticket in May of this year from an automated machine sitting on the side of the road. The ticket did not reach my mailbox until early August. My follow up court date was yesterday.

This was the first time I was in court for a moving violation since I was 16 years old. (39 now) I listened to perhaps 30 cases go before mine came up. The whole system appears to be a waste of peoples time, creates no value in our community, and charges fines to many folks who just can’t afford it.

Are the roads safer because of these automated speeding tickets?

Is Milwaukie Safer/Better because code violation officers are walking around fining homeowners whose shrubs go over the property line?

Government has it’s place, I understand. But this appeared to be a money laundering operation. The judge went through each case in about 1 or 2 minutes. Always “lowered” the fine to $120, $160 or $250. By my calculations they are generating in the neighborhood of $10,000/hour. A few bored/miserable government workers get a job, while many hard working or folks who don’t have much are inconvienenced and charged these “fines” while be talked down to by the judge in his disrespectful condescending tone.

It’s just a sad thing to see.

August 15th, 2012

Big Business Failure

I have a friend, for privacy reasons I can’t disclose, who just went through a several month period of the business blowing up. This person took a risk and tried to expand and build more value for his customers and colleagues.

– customers were upset
– employees were upset and mutiny minded
– lost a TONNE of money

I feel bad cuz it sucks, but I also admire this person because they had the balls/ovaries to try.

It moved me, hearing this story cuz it hurts so much, on so many levels. I found this link from JamesA that talks about how to recovers from stuff like this.

August 13th, 2012

Summertime with Son

One of our families core values is “Love Learning” – much like BootsnAll.

Brandy is off for 5 days this week to take a course on Montessori teaching. So it is my opportunity to be the lone parent for Kai. I’m excited and injoying the time with him so far. Below is a shot of him and I near Kite Beach, Hood River

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