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March 21st, 2007

Notes for Career Day at Cedar Park Middle School

Introduction and biography bits

Who are you? What do you care about?
What grade? What kinda stuff career wise is on your mind?

Who am I?
Business Owner
I have been a journalist/reporter and do/have hired dozens of them.
Computer Engineer– I helped build BootsnAll’s website for the first 5+ years and can still “build websites”
Graphic Artist – I have done a bit of this, have 2 that work for me – and work with many of them.

Why am I here.
Mr. G asked me to come in and speak with y’all and I like hearing from younger folks about what is up.

Why should you care
The #1 reason you should care is because no matter what your situation is. If you think you are smart/not so smart. Strong/not as strong – you CAN do just about whatever you want with your life at this point.

Things going for you:
1) Young – you are still learning and no matter how good/bad you have done to this point, you can decided to improve and start to being better and following your passions
2) You are in school today: This one is huge. No matter how much you hate it or love it, we do have an excellent education system compared to the majority of the world.
3) Clubs – join the ones that interest you. get involved in things that interest you.
4) Classes – find some topic in high school/ college that you like and go for it hard. Like you life depends on it.
5) Passion and follow-through at this point in your life can help you do what you want todo.
6) Connection to the world – things like the internet open up a tonne of possibilities

I figured out about 15 years ago that I can do whatever I want. It might be difficult to get there, but I never give up when I want to do something.

Benefits of owning a business:


How do you do this?

Don’t be afraid to fail/make mistakes.

#1 thing to take away from today if you can’t remember anything else. BE POSITIVE. Think that you can do it even if you can’t now. Having a positive attitude will take you soooooooooooo muuuuuuccchhhhh farther in life than the negative nellie stuff. Train yourself to be positive.

March 1st, 2007

Most Influential Sports Bloggers

Jamie wrote up his list and it was nice to see Bob included in it. Well done Bob. šŸ™‚

As for that list, very US centric. Which is fine. There are a lot of sports bloggers that we don’t know about or in non-US sport (soccer) that are rather influential. But it is our world so we can define it how we want, eh?

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