December 19th, 2005

Tanzania for 2 weeks

I am at my normal PDX wifi spot (remember – I used to have glasses) and still have another 2 hours before my flight to Seattle.  Sitting here reading Court’s Nairobi Adventures and txt messaging with Donovan and Carrie on Kili.  Carries says that a fridge of Kili beer is waiting for me, at their house on Mt. Kili.  Should be good.

In the meantime, I have about 48 hours of travel ahead of me.  I am pretty relaxed about it.  Having done trips like this several times the past few years…the best thing todo is chill.  Whatever happens, happens.  Very little I can do, and stressing does nothing.  So injoy the wifi, txt with friends and voila.  I’m be there in a few days.

Other Notes
I’ll be pretty far away from e-mail until January 5th.  Maybe check in the 24th, 26th – but that is about all.  I will have text messaging capabilities in Tanzania, and hopefully for the 7 days that we will be climbing Kilimanjaro…

Not sure about updating this very much as well over the next few weeks.

Friends and family in PDX and USA – see or talk to you in February.  Happy New Year and thanks for being friendly etc in 2005.  I hope we can still be friends and do challenging things in 2006 and beyond.  Rock on.

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