January 23rd, 2005

PDX Wifi, catching breath

I’m back at the spot where Donovan and I spent a morning before leaving for New York 1.5 weeks ago….except this time with Chris, and on my way to Indonesia.  Chris and I were just talking as we got screened through security…the gist of it is, "I can’t believe we decided to goto Indonesia 3 days ago"

It’s kewl though.  As Deanna drove us to the airport, she said that this is the reason that you work your arses off, so we can do stuff like this.  I reckon she is right.

Sorry to all for my grammer f’ups and spelin mistaks all da time.  Momma said she wondered why I went to college and stuff.  Well, this is my space to scribble…my blog is my public place to scribble and when I am jamming stuff down quickly…I care more about the idea than spelling of grammer.  Thanks for caring ma and hope we can blog a bit in Indo.


3 Responses to “PDX Wifi, catching breath”

  1. Boot Blog says:

    New York, New York

    So I was ready to be posting from the traditional Wi-Fi place at PDX airport before my 7am departure to New York. But I arrived, checked in and they put…

  2. McFarnell says:

    Hey there,

    I found your blog searching for PDX wi-fi. I’m going to be waiting to catch a plane from there next week. How do you access the wi-fi? Any special tips or is it straight forward? Thanks.

  3. Sean says:

    Straight forward – just launch your browser and you are good to go. Injoy.

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