November 21st, 2006

RSS Feeds and Managing them: Feed Foundry from Feedburner?

We have 10s of 1000s of RSS feeds inside the BootsnAll Travel Network and have had them for years. We never really had a handle on who used what though…I have been a kinda shoot them aim type of guy. Now we are going back to the drawing board on some of this stuff to actually measure what is being used and how can we make it more usable for travelers?

Well, we are playing with the pro version of Feedburner on theOffside now. Some neat metrics etc are included in this. We are considering using Feed Foundry (that this the Press Release – can’t find concrete info on feedburners site about it) to manage at least a few 100 of our feeds. Anyone with some feedback on this product?

3 Responses to “RSS Feeds and Managing them: Feed Foundry from Feedburner?”

  1. Traci says:

    Hi Sean –

    Thanks for giving FeedFoundry a looksie. You can find a short FeedFoundry FAQ here, a quick video demo (1:50, 2.4 MB) here and you can always email our friendly Publishers Services team for more info and a walkthrough of the service.

    We’ll try to make this info more obvious on our site. Thanks again!


  2. Eric Olson says:

    Hey Sean,

    How is everything going these days? Hope all is well. With regards to FeedFoundry, you can learn more about the service here:

    I would be happy to talk about FeedFoundry with you and your team any time and show you a demo. Talk soon!


  3. sean says:

    Wow – that’s being on top of it. Thanks Tracy and Eric.

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