January 31st, 2005

Mini Mac vs Old Cube

Glennf compares
Ouch – the new one is better on almost all counts and has some things that the old one doesn’t – all you had todo was wait 4 years or so.

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5 Responses to “Mini Mac vs Old Cube”

  1. Mac Diva says:

    Have you gotten your hands on a Mini yet?

    I’m hoping to score one when some money comes in within the next three to seven days. It will be a compromise computer because I really want a new PowerBook. So, I’ll limp along with my ole PB and have a new Mac Mini. I wonder how many other buyers will be buying the Mini as a compromise computer and how that will effect sales of higher end Macs.

  2. Sean says:

    I’ll get one soon – to learn how this thingy works and maybe I’ll switch

  3. Marissa Huber says:

    Hi, My name is Marissa and I am an old friend of Maryann Lekas too. I was trying to get ahold of her and saw your website. Sorry that is so random, but since you know Lekas, you know how great she is. I played water polo with her at IU a very long time ago and would love to talk to her. Please email me if you have her email or number. Or give her mine in case I’m a stalker! Thanks so much! Marissa Huber

  4. erin duffy says:

    can you tell Ioan Fodor I was looking for him today? we fell in love a long time ago on a cruise ship in the carribean. after that we lost eachother. anyway, I saw him photographed here. please say, “Hello.”


    erin duffy

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