November 30th, 2005

MAC support from Friends

I am pretty sure I have a few mates that read this that are avid MAC users.  I have a few questions for my 12" ibook.

1) When I click on a url inside of my mail program (Thunderbird) – it opens up Safari (a browser that I do not use) – I would like it to default to Firefox – how?

2) When I click on a mailto: linkin firefox – it defaults to Apple’s mail program – I would like it to goto Thunderbird – how?

Any help would be appreciated. 🙂


2 Responses to “MAC support from Friends”

  1. 1. Open up Safari, go to Preferences and on the first page is the default browser selection. I have personally found that I prefer Safari cuz its mucho faster than Firefox.

    2. Open up and to the same thing in Preferences.

  2. Sean says:

    Huge – thanks mate.

    I have so many firefox extensions – I just have to use it. But speed is nice on Safari for sure.

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