December 24th, 2005

Christmas in Tanzania and 3rd World Jackass

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all from Sunny/on the equator Tanzania.  I’ll spare you the play by play details of what I have been doing and just leave you with a funny story or our Biking Safari.

We went on a Bikiing Safari the other day, and Donovan is a bit of an X-Gamer biker and skatboarder like the crew from JackAss.  When we got the bikes, lots of kids from the village gathered to watch.  As he boarded he whispered to me:

"Watch this, 3rd world JackAss."

And proceeded to slowly drive through the crowd of kids.  It was funny to see them scatter and laugh.  He of course did not hurt anyone, was just having a good time with everyone.

I thought it was hilarious watching him make funny faces and the kids laughing and scattering.

Peace and Happy Holidays to all – I’ll check e-mail one more time before the climb.  BTW – my texting messaging broked the other day and I just got a local SIM chip.  If you want to txt me in Tanzania –  (Country Code +255) 787-768-050 is my local number.  You can also call it if you want – free for me to receive calls.

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