May 14th, 2006

Sunday Morning on Mother’s Day

About 8 days or so until I leave for Europe. I’ll be gone for about 7 weeks or so for the World Cup and stuff.  If you are my friend and want to come over for a visit, it should be a good time as we try to produce something that we have fun with, and that World Cup fans embrace.

Last night I went to Cascade Art Walk with HB.  It was the fundraiser/auction for CAP and the 1st auction I have gone to in the past 3 years that I did not buy something.  Not that I did not want to, I just exercised restraint. 🙂  It was super swanky and big compared to ones that I have been to.  For example, most auctions have this bit where they show a video, get you all emotional, and then ask for money.  Well these folks started asking at $25,000.  Wow.  They did work their way down to $100, but that takes some gall to ask…having said that, if you don’t ask, you probably won’t get…so, good for them.

Here is a sneak preview into out new Travel Guide/Logue platform. PortlandLogue is one of the 1st ones we have migrated.  I am excited about the software, but more importantly, what it will do for travellers regarding information, travel planning, and interaction with other travelers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

One Response to “Sunday Morning on Mother’s Day”

  1. Julie Laughlin says:

    I was remembering the good old times and was on the internet and came across this site. You have become quite the wordly traveller! A long way from High Ridge…. drop me a note some time!

    Julie Laughlin

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