January 26th, 2005

Nick is not Single

I can’t really do a play by play to remember all the details.  But we did take a lot fo pictures and video of the ceremony.  Good times and Nick is married.  Ika and Nick moved into our hotel today so we can hang out more before the saturday ceremony.  Evidentally, Chris and I are getting dressed up in some Javanese outfits for the bash.  The family doesn’t drink alcohol here, so it will be a non-traditional reception for us.  Looking forward to it.

Nick is well…Ika is a kewl chic.  I am happy for them

Other random thoughts….

1) I learned that many of the Muslim girls here are circumscised (sp?) – yups – they cut off the clitoris at birth!  The blokes get circumscised at age 13 in a ceremony.  Ika’s ma and dad have pictures of there 2 sons ceremony – we will see the pics on saturday – hopefully

2) Love Singapore Airport:  Only had 1/2 hour there on way through – will get 3 on way back.  Free wifi and good atmosphere

3) Nick is married and happy.  All the behind the scenes stuff like $$, expectations, family are facinating. (sp?) – Nick talk a good bit about it on his blog the past few weeks.

4) We are doing whatever today…which means mostly nothing but hanging out.

5) I am reading a book on Feng Shui (sp?) from a friend.  I gotta get some of that Feng Shui stuff happening.  Anyone know a consultant to doit/recommend stuff so my house/life has more of it.

6) This is such a blitzcrig (sp?) trip – not much time todo anything…Semarang -the city we are in seems not to be tourist/traveler oriented at all…but still comfortable.

Cheers to all

5 Responses to “Nick is not Single”

  1. Jen Leo says:

    Sean, If you don’t get any PDX feng shui recommendations, ask Wenda O’Reilly about who she uses.

  2. Sean says:

    Will do and thanks for the referral Jenny. talk soon.

  3. Coni says:

    Dear Sean,

    I am Baliblog’s fans and always make time to read baliblog daily. I live and work in Singapore at Changi Airport,

    Would you be flying off through Changi sometimes next week? There are free tours to the city and Sentosa Island, organized by Changi Airport for passengers who has 5 hours in transit.

    Please message me if you want to know more info about this free tour. I am glad that i came to know about BootsnAll and Baliblog. Though i live in Spore, it’s nice that i am still able to “connect” to my home through Baliblog.

    Looking forward to seeing Nick’s photos in Javanese wedding jacket and “blankon”


  4. Mary says:

    Looking up Feng Shui on Google, second link, Sharon Eibeck has a book called Quick and Easy Feng Shui. She promises

    I will show YOU how to:

    R Increase your Luck

    R Get more Money

    R Improve Your Health

    R and much more…

    Quickly and Easily… (that’s the best part)

    Some small changes in particular areas of your life will have a huge effect – I guarantee it.

    Still don’t what it is but quick and easy should appeal to a huge market.

  5. Sean says:


    We are in Singapore Aiport for 3 hours right now – so not enough time for a tour this time. Next time for sure. This place is gr8!

    Pictures from the wedding will be coming soon from Nick and maybe some from me.

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