February 25th, 2005

Why can’t Jason Giambi/Barry Bonds be like this?

“I think my behavior is reprehensible and, as I’ve said 1,000 times, I take responsibility,” Chaney told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “If it’s the judgment of the school to suspend me, I can accept the responsibility of my actions.”

from this.

I reckon this attitude is awesome.  John Chaney sucked it up, and admitted he screwed up.  No bullshitting and having his agent make statements/not answering questions.  A great role model to stand up and admit that he fucked up.  Yes – his actions helped break the kids arm which sucks…but he admitted fault and is taking the penalty like a man.  We do things in the heat of the moment, and sports definately provide those "heat of the moment" moments.  Just look at Ron Artest. 

I know growing up, playing sports I was an absolute arsehole to my friends and competitors in the heat of the moment.  My emotions would go crazy and I would do just about anything within the rules and shoot my mouth off to get any advantage possible.  It worked a lot – but really pissed off some folks hardcore.  In fact, a lot of my Chicago buddies still remember me for a lot of those moments and can’t get past them when we visit 10 years later.  Good thing I was on their team most of the time…I was the teammate you loved to have, but hated to go against cuz I was such a jag off.

I am using the term "was" cuz I don’t think I am like that anymore…sports, when I play them, I can just about anything pass…I am more into sports of the exercise and to hang-out – not to win.  Chris and friends who still play sports with me…is this true? (Tell the truth por favor)

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