October 10th, 2005

Baja California Real Estate

9 Responses to “Baja California Real Estate”

  1. Freesia says:

    YES, it is so beautiful there. Go for it. Buy a big enough house so that Mark & I can come visit for months at a time 🙂

  2. Sean says:

    I can’t afford that area…give me a few years.

  3. Rhondad says:

    Cabo is great…however, I think you’d LOVE Todos Santos… up the coast about 1 1/2 hrs on the Pacific side from Cabo. Mass tourism hasn’t hit yet which it certainly has in Cabo and San Jose del Cabo. Just a lovely little town that still actually feels like Mexico!

  4. Mika says:

    Funny you posted that. I was just looking at this place thinking it would be cool to buy, but I’m still a bit tentative. I need some more money coming in before I buy more stuff.


    Only 38 grand furnished and less than an hour south or Puerto Vallarta.

  5. Rhondad says:


    Just checked out that link and that place looks great!!!! I sent them an email and it’s prefect that an association takes care of security when you’re not there. Wow, maybe we should all go in on it:)

  6. Sean says:

    lets do it…today.

  7. Rhondad says:

    We’re in!! Great vacation home to share.

  8. Proposed tax hike hits home sale funds – Change to excise tax would allow districts, cities to assess fees in lieu of what’s collected for new construction

    A buyer of a new home could find the purchase price increased “by an average of $9,000,” according to the campaign, although the ads don’t specify the size of the home in the example used.

    The media campaign began Wednesday, funded in part by a $750…

  9. Avenal says:

    Baja RE boom in Rosarito is a SCAM. It is a self

    perpetuated con by the local’s with the obvious

    cry- ONLY 2 LEFT. Ask any Realtor in the states or California about investing in Rosarito area. It will never get the bump in prices that San Diego or Orange County have had. They are secured by law and jail time for the like of Baja salespeople, LULU JACOBSEN is a good example. Imagine 50%down on a unbuilt condo or home in the FEDERAL ZONE or disputed EJIDO land. 5yrs ago 30+people were escorted out of there homes by the military, I was there and have the pics. CK the internet,Punta Banda Evictions. Now Stuart Title calls it “aberrational”. I guess the Serenidad Hotel in Mulege was the same.Ck http://www.mexfish.com/mulg/mulg/johnsonfam/johnsonfam.htm. Today Rancho Del Mar families are preparing for EVICTION, money for condo’s in the Oceana Condo projects is missing. Check the local paper for Gringo’s.

    The Gringo Gazette not the Baja Times, it belongs to the local real estate magnate and x-mayor.

    Check the new Blog -Baja Real Estate Scams. It will show all the latest in how to skin a gringo’s savings.

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