May 14th, 2006

You’re Pretty. I like you

Al in all dating a Balinese girl is WAY more straightforward in the beginning than a westerner. You can say “You’re pretty, I like you.” and that will be taken for exactly that. Try saying that to a westerner, they’ll think you are mentally ill.

from Nick

One Response to “You’re Pretty. I like you”

  1. Mika says:

    Well, learning most non-western languages can prove to be difficult initially.

    While English, for example, is pretty straight forward in the beginning. Then you have to worry about things like grammar and how the letter “i” is pronounced like “eye” in one work and then like “e” in another word. (weren’t we just talking about that at The Farm?)

    And, as Nick mentioned, the hardest part about the English language is the hidden meaning that is instilled in many phrases that apparently is only learned by females. Where’s the “edumacation plan” for teaching us this one, Mr. President?

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