December 21st, 2006

Tree Trimming Company in Portland Oregon

A tree trimming company hired by the power company to trim the trees away from the power lines on Fremont Ave came by today. Not a big deal. My colleague watched them just outside his window and told me the following:

Thursday 21 December

  • 9:00am Men Arrived and asked to have a car moved. Car was moved in 1 minute
  • 10:25 am Men position truck and start work.
  • 11:25 am Men leave for lunch
  • 1:00 pm Men position truck and continue trimming tree
  • 2:00 pm Men clean up and leave.

Work accomplished: 2 trees trimmed.
Work to still left to complete job on property: 1 tree.

Wow – nothing like a full days work. I imagine we are paying for this type of work ethic and giterdone attitude via our fees.

It saddens me to see such half assness.

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  1. M. D. Vaden says:

    First thing, this form said my email won’t be published, and I wanted to request that its not used on a mailing list too – thanks.

    I stumbled onto your post via something to do with checking my webstats.

    Its hard to know for certain, but what you wrote, reminds me of when I worked for the Portland, Oregon Park Bureau. Theh park dist. I was at – the guys took 45 minute breaks, 90 minute lunches, started late and quit a bit early. I just left the breakroom and went to the shop to find something to do. I came from a country club where we worked all day. This laziness changed when I got transferred to what was Eastmoreland Golf Course, where the whole crew put in a full days work. The work ethic in Portland municipal system varied from department to department.

    I thought it was rediculous when they “signed” their trucks with “Portland, the City that works”. Not so much due to whether they worked or not, but because the signs are not free. That costs thousands of dollars. The posting of the signs was an indicator that they may have been trying to conceal a problem. I don’t really know if they eradicated it. But the municipal system lacks many essentials for motivation and personal esteem. Outgoing professionals rarely go to work in a municipal job market. It hedges-in and resticts innovation in many cases.

    I’ll be back in the area after our home sells. We moved near Medford, in the Applegate Valley. But once we sell, I’ll be back in the Portland area. Then I’ll see for myself.


    M. D. Vaden of Oregon

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