January 12th, 2007

Shopping Mall Layout Madness in search for Oregon DMV

I went to the Express DMV at the Lloyd Center this morning to renew my drivers license. Online the address says 990 Lloyd Center. Once inside the mall, it is a bloody maze. I asked a vendor and they said, it ain’t there anymore. The security guy did guide me in the right direction after looking for 5+ minutes.

Some mall in Brisbane, Oz – the Queen Street Mall. Odd angles all over the place, easy to get lost etc. Someone told me they built it that way on purpose so people would get lost and have to walk by more stores when looking for what they wanted. Is that the way they build all these things?

I think I like online shopping better. 🙂

One Response to “Shopping Mall Layout Madness in search for Oregon DMV”

  1. Hydro says:

    Exact same with the casinos in Vegas. If there’s ever a fire in one of those, all will perish cos no one will be able to find the exit in the mad panic.

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