September 2nd, 2005

New Orleans Mayor Interview and thoughts

Listen to the whole MP3 of Ray Nagrin interview

I was talking to my neighbor, Jim Peebles last night up in Snowden, WA.  He is a phone company installer dude.  We were talking about what was going on in NO – he said that his company is gonna send him down there soon to get all the phone stuff set-up again when the immediate risks are taken care of.

It’s interesting to note – that the country is appalled at the lack of response to help the folks in NO.  Jim was in Florida last year after the 4 hurricanes installing phone lines and stuff.  He said it was the same thing in Florida – just no one reported on it – the big cities got help etc – but when he went out into the boonies to install – folks were starving and waterless etc.  Shit was fucked up, but no bloggers, reporters or whatever else was there to let us know.

All the reporting of what is happening in NO is pissing folks off and action will surely follow soon.  That is a good thing.  Think of all the instances around the world – no press – no reporting, and the suffering or whatever continues and no one ever knows to help.

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    New Orleans Mayor Interview and thoughts

    An Mp3 interview and some thoughts….

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