December 5th, 2005

X-mas Party Crashers

We had a superb Christmas Travel Party Saturday nite.  I am still recovering my energy from it.  It has inspired me to goto as many X-mas Parties as possible this season b4 I leave on December 19th.  I think it was migs who told me last year he was gonna goto a Christmas party every nite for a bunch of weeks in a row…thanks for the idea and inspiration mate.

So I am raising the challenge and asking for help…who will join me?  And please leave comments of parties I should be going to or e-mail me your company party if you can’t make it public.  I’ll be there with bells on and I won’t embarrass you.  The boss will congratulate you for "bringing" me! !

Current Schedule:

December 7th: Got one
December 17tth: Got one

Help me fill this schedule up!

8 Responses to “X-mas Party Crashers”

  1. Rhondad says:

    You are a crazy man & I am exhausted just thinking about it! However, a friend from work is having a small gathering in Lake O 10 Dec if you’re not already booked for that date let me know.

  2. Mika says:

    Kurt is having something on the East side Dec 10th also. If you want info, lemme know.

  3. Jenjenjen says:

    Yup, I’ve the 9th AND the 10th for ya if ya want…both on the east side (the good side) Email for info.

  4. Jess says:

    Thanks for the awesome party! Jennie and I are still laughing at ourselves!

    Jen, Dave, and I are inviting you to our company party, courtesy of the Hospital cafertia. Turkey, mashers, cranberry sauce, and cookies can all be yours! Tommorrow, lunch time, December 9th, Eugene. Come see us and get stuffed! Love to all the Boots Boys! Jess

  5. Sean says:

    I’m there – c u tommorrow for lunch!

  6. Jess says:

    SERIOUS?!?!?! I am excited! Swing by and grab Scottie on the way over! 12:30? Jess

  7. Sean says:

    Damn – no I am not serious…wait – we just got a BnA helicopter – I’ll be right down! 🙂

  8. migs says:

    Yep, it was me that had tried to scale the mountain of one Christmas party per day for the entire season.

    But that was a 26 year-old me.

    And my liver still hurts 7 years later.

    Oh, and all that mistletoe seems like a great idea – until the cold sores come around new years.

    But still happy holidays, Sean.


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