July 13th, 2005

RIP: Cousin Wlotek

My cousin Wlotek died yesterday.  He received a heart transplant several weeks ago but it did not work out.  Prayers and best wishes to my cousin’s Jadzia, Magda, Babcia, and Karol.

My best memories of Wlotek are from 1996.  I spent about 2 months in Poland living with Babcia and Jadzia, Magda, and Wlotek lived a few blocks away.  Wlotek couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Polish…but we still got along great.  He was a very giving man and quick with a smile as I knew him.  One day, he took off a work and we took the bus to the outskirts of Warsaw and went fishing.  He loved fishing.  We sat around fishing, sort of talking, and eating sandwiches.

He also took me to a Nuclear Power Plant that he worked at for the day.  I remember walking above the reactor and wondering if this this created juice for some of the A-bombs that were pointed at us during the cold war…it was a kewl experience.

I am super sad to hear this news.  Jadzia is Wlotek’s wife and I know she is huring bigtime.  She is young and vivacious – so I think it hits her especially hard.  Peace and cousin love is coming out to them and if you are into vibes/prayers and stuff.  Say/send some along to Warsaw.

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