December 27th, 2007

Mark Prior: Bye-Bye

I am a bit sad, and happy to see Mark Prior leave the Cubbies to sign with the SD Padres. He was a huge hope for Cub fans for some many years. I remember hearing folks say, “He is a once every 10 year type of pitching prospect”. He of course did not live up to that, took a tonne of money from the Cubs, and produced a lot of heartache for the fans.

I wish it woulda worked out better.

But I’m glad the wimp/SoCal baby is gone back to Mommy and Daddy. Maybe his name should have been in the Mitchell Report…
Mark Prior

Kinda feels like if I got the hottest girl to date me for a few years in my late teens, but she got outta shape real quick into the relationship and stayed that way for like 5 years. If I dumped her, and then she got all fit again and starts dating my best friend, I’d be pissed cuz she was a train wreck while dating her. We’ll see if it plays out this way for the Cubbies/Fans.

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