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June 24th, 2005

Virginia for the weekend

Mum and I are stuck in the Seattle airport.  Our plane to DC is delayed for 3 hours.  Perfect timing to catch up on some reading and posting before I get to see my cousin get married this weekend.

Nick is funny:

So picking your nose in a ditch is cool, but never sneeze in front of someone, especially if you haven’t showered much lately.

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May 4th, 2005

Back in Portland, Oregon

Got back yesterday avo. Beautiful weather and long days. Jet-lagged of course – up at 3 am today. – going for run now.

March 27th, 2005

Back in PDX again

Chris and I got back a few hours ago and have been working since we hit the door.  Lots to do.  Arizona was great…a few great games and lotsa work got done as well.  I will try todo a photo gallery before I go RTW.

March 23rd, 2005

Confirmation: I am not smart

Chris and I are at the Widmer Brewery inside PDX on our way to PHX.  2 hours ago, as we were preparing to go, Chris walked up to me with the flight confirmations – I had accidentally booked April 20th instead of today.  A quick phone call and a small fee has us on our way now – but with no return flight.  We’ll figure it out somehow – I’m not worried – for now – a few meetings and then some Spring Training Cubbies action.


March 20th, 2005

Back in PDX

Just got back from SFO a few minutes ago and it is great to see that it has been raining around here.  Feels like I have been gone for ages and LA seems like a lifetime ago…why does time seem to pass faster as I get older?

Huge week coming up.  Also, thanks Jen, Bradys, and other bay area folks and LA folks for meetings and hanging out.

March 16th, 2005

At LAX and LA fo 1 day

Got in late last nite and off for 4 meetings today all over LA.  Four Points at LAX has free wifi.  Nice.  I also noticed all the LAX airport parking – as would be expected – there are heeps of them…ugh.

Have a nice day. 🙂

March 15th, 2005

Random Crap

Off to LA tonight and then fly up to SFO wed nite. I’ll be in Bay area for the weekend then.  Lotsa meetings and working with JL most likely.

Chris and I did the Shamrock Run on Sunday…the 15 KM one.  Lotsa fun and a story I should write down when I get a chance.  Hope all are well, healthy and happy.

February 25th, 2005

San Francisco: Remote Working is kewl

I have been working at the Travelers Tales and Birdcage Press office in Palo Alto this morning.  Jen and I were talking about how kewl it is to be able to work from multiple places like this.  I am thankful for this opportunity.  How neat is it to be able to connect and do what I have todo, but I am not attached to 1 physical place todo it?  Frickin kewl…even thought I have been doing it for X number of years, I still love it.

Beautiful day here…we are off to SF Sunset area in a few hours and will spend the weekend working up there.  I’ll try to take some pics so I can remember how beautiful it is.

Just like I noticed on the way to PDX international…I also noticed the San Francisco Airport Parking when leaving there the other day.  Amazing – all these mini – or maybe not so mini-industries popping up – and until recently, I never noticed them.

February 24th, 2005

Raw Foodist, Nudist and SFO

Last night I met someone who was a "raw foodist and a nudist" at the same time.  Interesting lifestyle choice.  Never heard of the raw foodist bit and then to combine it with the nudist bit…made for an interesting lifestyle for a few years.  I love meeting people who kinda shock me with stuff I never heard of and considered.  It makes me remember that for every person on this planet, there is a unique reality.

Off to SFO tonight.  Working on stuff with JL till sunday.  Have a great weekend.

January 29th, 2005

BootsnAll in Dallas Morning News

BootsnAll In DMNews
gotta register

Currently in Singapore Airport.  2 flights down, 3 to go. Ugh.  Singapore aiport is nice and they have a gym so we can workout and shower before the long leg.

This week is huge.  Lotsa stuff todo and catch up on.  I can’t wait for monday morning!

Check out this wedding reception pic.  Rad

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