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May 14th, 2007

Maya Beach Real Estate

I just got back from Belize and Mika sent me this advert of someone posting this lot in Maya Beach for Sale. 1.5 million for 1 acre on the beach and 8 acres on the lagoon.

The 1 acre for 1 million on the beach – maybe it’s worth it the US of A, maybe even in Belize, but that is a lot of coin for the houses/junk that are on that 1 acre. They are what I refer to as shit shacks. Whoever Bubba is, is asking a lot. Of course, in an up market, he/she may well get it. 🙂

November 17th, 2006

Condo Sales slowing in the Pearl?

Like most areas around the country, the real estate market is slowing down. A year or so ago, I went to look at 1 condo in the Pearl from Hoyt Street Properties….they got my e-mail and sent their 1st ever newsletter. I wonder, is business slowing down that you are reaching out now? 🙂 – Funny – I also got a call from another real estate agent last week…not often do you get calls out of the blue like that.

Dear Sean Keener,

Welcome to my inaugural eNewsletter featuring special properties for sale in the Pearl and metro Portland area.

I invite you to click on the links to access more pictures and additional information. The Quick Links at the bottom are especially helpful as you continue to search for your perfect home.

October 10th, 2005

Baja California Real Estate

I would like to purchase property in other places around the world as I get older – I heard this place is beautiful.

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