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January 30th, 2017

What I am working on in 2017

I am no longer the CEO of AirTreks International, LLC. After 18 years of running the operational company for the AirTreks and BootsnAll brand, I have stepped away from day to day and am focusing on strategy as the Chairman.

I am working on building a strategic council for AirTreks/BootsnAll. Know someone that is super strategic, wants to disrupt the travel and education space and can is highly collaborative? – please contact me.

…continue to work with The Wayfinding Academy in an effort to disrupt higher education.

…continue to work on the Travel Access Project in an effort to get a GAP year on every Resume.

…continue to explore investing in companies and a few start-ups that align with my purpose and core values

…continue to be actively involved in my 3 kids day to day lives at school/home.

…continue to be highly involved/interact with people in the EO and YPO chapters in Oregon/Washington

…continue to practice meditation and movement in nature as much as possible.

I hope and wish that however you are investing your time in 2017, that it is worthwhile and provide you the joy that you seek.

September 10th, 2012

What gets measured, gets improved

It’s not a new concept.

“What gets measured, gets improved”

Feels like Seth is talking to me today when he asks “What to obsess over

"I'd have you obsess about things that are a lot more difficult to measure. Things like the level of joy or relief or gratitude your best customers feel. How much risk your team is willing to take with new product launches. How many people recommended you to a friend today...

What are you tracking? If you track concepts, your concepts are going to get better. If you track open rates or clickthrough, then your subject lines are going to get better. Up to you.

We are building a new product at BootsnAll that I think can have a big impact on the world. We’ve been discussing internally – “What should we measure?” – Thanks for responding Mr Godin with this blog post!

August 15th, 2012

Big Business Failure

I have a friend, for privacy reasons I can’t disclose, who just went through a several month period of the business blowing up. This person took a risk and tried to expand and build more value for his customers and colleagues.

– customers were upset
– employees were upset and mutiny minded
– lost a TONNE of money

I feel bad cuz it sucks, but I also admire this person because they had the balls/ovaries to try.

It moved me, hearing this story cuz it hurts so much, on so many levels. I found this link from JamesA that talks about how to recovers from stuff like this.

February 10th, 2009

Gordon Gekko: When Greed is Good

Classic cut from the Movie “Wall Street”.

January 10th, 2008

Now is the time to become a Realtor

Folks are leaving the Realtor Profession. If you are serious and want to make good money, I’d say now is an excellent time to get into the business or stretch out your contact sphere and further delineate yourself from your competition.

When folks are dropping, that is the time to grow and get ready for the next uptick. Who wants to start when the market is hot. Get your game plan set during the bad times, and be ready to kick arse on the next growth cycle.

February 19th, 2007

Dutch Brothers Coffee and Franchise Opportunities

I am in Corvalis for the day and am using the Dutch Brothers on the OSU campus. Free wifi and friendly service. This is a business that I have strarted noticing the past few months as they are sprouting up all over Oregon. They seem to always have an excellent location, which I imagine is #1 in importance for a drive thru coffee place.

They are currently sold out in Oregon and but still taken franchise applications in 11 western states. Around $130K gets you in the door and started with these folks. Not too much for the guidance and brand.

There are so many opportunities out there to start a business. If you are dreaming of starting one, it doesn’t have to cost 130K – but if you have the capital and are looking, some of these franchise opps are most likely a lot of work, but can pay off rather quick.

June 30th, 2005

The story behind the story that made wine history

Ths story of how  California Wine trumped French wine almost 30 years ago.  Funny how something seemingly insignificant, can have such a long term huge impact on an industry.

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