February 19th, 2007

Dutch Brothers Coffee and Franchise Opportunities

I am in Corvalis for the day and am using the Dutch Brothers on the OSU campus. Free wifi and friendly service. This is a business that I have strarted noticing the past few months as they are sprouting up all over Oregon. They seem to always have an excellent location, which I imagine is #1 in importance for a drive thru coffee place.

They are currently sold out in Oregon and but still taken franchise applications in 11 western states. Around $130K gets you in the door and started with these folks. Not too much for the guidance and brand.

There are so many opportunities out there to start a business. If you are dreaming of starting one, it doesn’t have to cost 130K – but if you have the capital and are looking, some of these franchise opps are most likely a lot of work, but can pay off rather quick.

2 Responses to “Dutch Brothers Coffee and Franchise Opportunities”

  1. Ryan Bitterman says:

    hey i was surfing around on the internet and i couldn’t figure out how to apply at your coffee shops. i heard from a friend that works at the third street dutch bros that you are building another dutch bros somewhere on ninth street. i was wondering if you had a place for a baseball player at linn benton community college with a limited availability due to baseball but i need to work and am willing to work nights early mornings or whenever i dont have school or baseball.


  2. Steve & JoAnne McMahill says:

    Hi we are wondering how much would it cost to open a Dutch Bros coffie stand like in Iowa area we would be intrested in geting more info on opening one

    Thank You

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