January 23rd, 2007

2007: What will we do at BootsnAll?

We are already 3+ weeks into the new year, but we are still laying out what we want to get done in ’07. I’m nervous about it because we are focusing more than we ever have.

One (of many) of my downfalls as the leader of BnA the past 8+ has been how easily I get distracted and start new projects. We’ve learned a tonne from the successes and the failures…now it is time to work on the stuff that works. Grow BnA to a point where we are providing an excellent experience in the following:

– Integrated Travel Planning Experience and Research
– Tools for travelers while traveling and to connect/share their experiences

The trick is, is todo the 2 points above in a simple way for folks to understand/interact with. It’s the beauty of some of Apple’s products and probably some of your favorite internet applications. Make it easy!

We’ve always had the passion for travel and I think that is what has driven a lot of our growth. BootsnAll can still be a mess to get around sometimes for regular and new users. Making it an experience that is a bit more obvious or personalized is our goal in 2007. Do what we have been doing, but instead of doing it in an average way or just above average…kick arse at it.

Thanks to all the folks that send in ideas to us. We read them and carefully consider them. Please keep sending them in.

One Response to “2007: What will we do at BootsnAll?”

  1. Random user says:

    Perhaps increased pay for the moderators might be a start.

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