January 30th, 2005

Sosa gone and I am home and some links

nickYou want to know why Sosa is no longer a Cub? Because he forgot how to
take the temperature of a city that can stomach losing but despises
frauds. He underestimated the long-term effects of his annual late
arrivals to spring training, his no-shows at the yearly Cubs
Convention, the 2003 corked-bat incident, the 2004 hissy fits when
Baker had no choice but to drop him in the batting order, the
ditch-and-lie incident of Oct. 3.

from this: Sad but true

Just got back…..we made it…see Nick’s rundown of the wedding here.

World’s Glacier’s Melting
Having just got back from Semarang, Indonesia – it is so pollutted there.  I’m guessing that much of the world’s manufacturing has moved to Asia and we are still making lotsa stuff, just not as much in the US as we used to…all these gases and pollution…maybe it screw up the glacier n shit.

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