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February 28th, 2008

Nepal Petrol Lines Video

On the way back into Kathmandu the other day, I video’d a huge line of buses waiting for Diesel Gas. Lotsa these petrol lines all over the city.

Note: Just slopped those subtitles on there using iMovie again. Not that polished – but easy.

February 28th, 2008

Nepal Trekking Photos

I’m in Heathrow for a 7 hour layover. Plenty of time to start sorting through media that I produced.

Bishnu and Adam

February 15th, 2008

TMBC: Arad Romania

Imported this into iMovie and got this editted in about 10 minutes. Never used the program before. Pretty damn easy. I reckon I could do it in 1 minute now since I won’t have to fiddle around next time. Hello to the boyz from TMBC.

February 12th, 2008

Mika’s BnA Profile – intro too long?

Is the intro at 14 seconds too long in your opinion? Just right?

February 4th, 2008

Getting Taxis in India for a fair price: travel tip

I just had dinner at my colleague’s home. My colleague’s husband, rajesh came with me to the taxi stand and here was our strategy so not to pay over market….

About 100 meters before the taxi stand – I hung out behind a van. Rajesh went up to the taxi drivers and negotiated the fare. When it was done (he knows what the fair price is and can more easily get it than I can….I look like a meal ticket to these guys!) – he whistled for me and everything was done. I can do it on my own, and have before, but if you have a local friend to help, it’s easier for the drivers to give into a local than someone like me.

Yer Baby!

February 2nd, 2008

Pre-India thoughts

I am leaving in a few hours on this trip. A few dozen folks have asked me if I am excited. I can honestly say that I am not. Being on a airplane for about 30 hours or so is not something to get excited about. I want to be totally chill, relaxed, have a few books ready to read and some awesome tunes. When I get there, I’ll be a bit excited.

Cheers to all my colleagues and friends in the US. See you in a month or so.

For folks that know Nick – send him your wishes on his last BaliBlog post.

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