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July 26th, 2005

Road Trip Photos and off to Montreal

We are back in Portland for 24 hours before heading to Montreal wednesday morning to go fishing here with my cousins, uncle and some other blokes. I uploaded a few photos to flickr or our roadtrip so far.  Hope all are well.


Here are the rest of the roadtrip photos.

July 24th, 2005

Back in Cell Phone Range

Chris and I are back in cell phone range for a few days.  It has been excellent so far.

We are both a bit sore – yesterday we did an 17+/- mile hike in under 5 hours – total elevation gain of 4000 feet.  We hustled/trail ran it.  It was fun.

July 20th, 2005

Yellowstone National Park

Chris and I just had a fantastic 1st 5 days of our trip. 4 straight days of hiking. Pebble Creek, Mt. Washburn, Beaver Ponds. Good stuff. This park is so fucking beautiful, it’s hard to believe that it is real sometimes.

We have been remembering old times with our friend Freesia a lot as well. Seems like we are remembering old times and making new memories all day everyday. We wish u were here with us freesia. She introduced us to this place about 8 years ago and I am thankful – I probably would not have gone if not for her for sure.

Free – we met up with Ashea last nite as well. Pictures and stories to follow sometime.

We are staying in Bozeman tonight and heading down to Teton National Park manana for a few days b4 heading back.

July 20th, 2005

Bozeman, MT and the women

Chris and I are sitting in the Homepage Cafe in Bozeman, MT checking e-mail etc for the 1st time since saturday.  I asked Chris if I was dreaming, but he said no, we are awake.  This may possibly be the highest concentration of beautiful women in the US of A.  Every girl between the age of 20 and 30 is plain and simply hot.  We are sitting at the window in plush leather chairs and have not been disappointed yet.  Amazing.

Let’s set-up a BootsnAll office in this town.   We own…anyone wanna blog from there?

July 15th, 2005

Road trip Schedule and other crap

We should be in Yellowstone tommorrow.  We are going on the original hike that Chris and I took 8 years ago.  On this hike 8 years ago, we composed the BootsnAll Code of Conduct.  I remember we had a  gr8 time doing it as well.  What you see on that code of conduct page is definately an editted version of the original version.  We actually put up the uneditted version for the 1st 6 months the site was up – but we were offending too many people and took some of the hard core ones off like:


July 15th, 2005

More Head Shave from Nampa, Idaho

I am sitting at a camp spot of I-84 in Nampa Idaho and they have free wi-fi with the camping spot.  Rad.

Check out Mr. Burns and the rest of the Head Shave Synopsis photos.

July 14th, 2005

I’m Bald and going on a Roadtrip

Chris and I are leaving in a 1/2 hour for a 2+ week road trip.  We decided to get out heads shaved for it.  I’ll post more pics to Flickr later – for now – injoy these.



July 13th, 2005

RIP: Cousin Wlotek

My cousin Wlotek died yesterday.  He received a heart transplant several weeks ago but it did not work out.  Prayers and best wishes to my cousin’s Jadzia, Magda, Babcia, and Karol.

My best memories of Wlotek are from 1996.  I spent about 2 months in Poland living with Babcia and Jadzia, Magda, and Wlotek lived a few blocks away.  Wlotek couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Polish…but we still got along great.  He was a very giving man and quick with a smile as I knew him.  One day, he took off a work and we took the bus to the outskirts of Warsaw and went fishing.  He loved fishing.  We sat around fishing, sort of talking, and eating sandwiches.

He also took me to a Nuclear Power Plant that he worked at for the day.  I remember walking above the reactor and wondering if this this created juice for some of the A-bombs that were pointed at us during the cold war…it was a kewl experience.

I am super sad to hear this news.  Jadzia is Wlotek’s wife and I know she is huring bigtime.  She is young and vivacious – so I think it hits her especially hard.  Peace and cousin love is coming out to them and if you are into vibes/prayers and stuff.  Say/send some along to Warsaw.

July 11th, 2005

Husum Falls

We (Brian, Robyn, Chrisso, and Lindsay) did a river rafting trip down the White Salmon river.

Here is a photoset of our Husum Falls decent. Good times for sure.

July 8th, 2005

Heir Jordan hoping to prove he can play basketball like his father

Michael Jordan’s son goes to Loyola Academy High School….where I went to high school. I hope he deals with the pressure and turns out happy etc no matter what path he ends up on.

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