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January 21st, 2005

Mortality, decision making and Stuff

When someone near to me dies, I often question my own mortality and wonder when it’s gonna happen to me.  Cuz, as little as most want to talk about it, we are all on the same path…we’re gonna die one day, I just hope I can live a full life until it happens…I reckon the 80s of so sound good. 🙂

But Michelle’s death has me thinking about it a bit more.  A few folks at the wake were saying that she lived every day to the fullest.  I hope I do the same…and on that note.  Chris and I bought air tickets to Indonesia yesterday.  We are leaving sunday to goto Nick’s wedding.  We wil only be gone for 1 week, but what the hell…why not go?  Nick is a great buddy, almost 42 years old…and I reckon it’ll be a great time and cultural experience. 

As I have grown up, I come to these moments of decision making.  Should I do the crazy thing/seemingly risky thing?  Or should I do what I think our culture/society wants me to (whatever the hell that is?)

When Chris, Nick, Brian, and I got BootsnAll going, I remember wanting to spend $500 on a piece of software that we thought would help us grow and do kewl things.  It was a shitload of money back then.  I remember proposing it to the guys and everybody kinda wondered,  I said something like this:

"OK – if we don’t buy it, or try it and don’t give it our all, wouldn’t it be real shitty to look back 10 years from now and say, `I wonder what woulda happened if we tried that bootsnall thing’".

I don’t want to live with many regrets, especially on the big stuff.  Of course, I gots a few…but going to see Nick and be able to share in this moment, will be sweet and since we can afford it, what the hell.  It ain’t the best time in the world to go considering all the stuff going on at BootsnAll (Stuff being we are super busy) – but we are going anyway.

So Indonesia here we come – no Bali, but the island of Java.  We’ll be gone from Sunday to Sunday.

January 20th, 2005

Airport Parking? Yes, Airport Parking

We just launched a new Airport Parking on BootsnAll….

Yes, I think it is a bit strange as well.  When I was first approached about it, I thought – what? Who drives to airports and why should we offer this service?

After a bit of research, I found out that people do drive there own cars to the airport and do park it there for days/weeks at a time.  By booking online in advance, they save a bit of money and guarantee a spot.

I am not expecting tonnes from it, but I will give it a go and let some car driving friends know about it and try it for their opinion.  Moreth, where are you?  Try out service next time you park and fly outta O’Hare.

Anywho – here are all the cities that you can book in advance

Albany Airport Parking
Anchorage Airport Parking
Atlanta Airport Parking
Hartford Airport Parking
Birmingham Airport Parking
Nashville Airport Parking
Boston Airport Parking
Buffalo Airport Parking
Burbank Airport Parking
Baltimore Airport Parking
Charleston Airport Parking
Cleveland Airport Parking
Columbus Airport Parking
Cincinnati Airport Parking
Dayton Airport Parking
Denver Airport Parking
Dallas Airport Parking
Detroit Airport Parking
El Paso Airport Parking
Newark Airport Parking
Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking
Spokane Airport Parking
Honolulu Airport Parking
Houston Airport Parking
Huntsville Airport Parking
Houston-Bush Airport Parking
Indianapolis Airport Parking
Jacksonville Airport Parking
JFK Airport Parking
Las Vegas Airport Parking
Los Angeles Airport Parking
La Guardia Airport Parking
Little Rock Airport Parking
Orlando Airport Parking
Chicago Midway Airport Parking
Memphis Airport Parking
Miami Airport Parking
Minneapolis Airport Parking
New Orleans Airport Parking
Oakland Airport Parking
Oklahoma Airport Parking
Omaha Airport Parking
Ontario Airport Parking
Chicago O’Hare Airport Parking
Norfolk Airport Parking
Portland Airport Parking
Philadelphia Airport Parking
Phoenix Airport Parking
Palm Beach Airport Parking
Pittsburgh Airport Parking
Providence Airport Parking
Raleigh-Durham Airport Parking
Richmond Airport Parking
Fort Myers Airport Parking
San Diego Airport Parking
San Antonio Airport Parking
Seattle Airport Parking
San Francisco Airport Parking
San Jose Airport Parking
Salt Lake City Airport Parking
St. Louis Airport Parking
Tampa Airport Parking
Toronto Airport Parking
Des Moines Airport Parking
Winnipeg Airport Parking

January 20th, 2005

Adventure Travel by BootsnAll

The New York Travel Expo was a good time and the previous link is a review written by Donovan. We also soft launched and now are coming inot a hard launch on BootsnAll World Adventures: Basically, it’s small group tours for stuff like climbing Mt. Kilimajaro, trekking in Nepal, and other shit like that. Maybe I’ll do one soon. 🙂

January 20th, 2005

Co-Op Boards on New York Ap

January 19th, 2005

Dinner with the Competition

Max wrote up a little diddy.about our excellent dinner together this past friday.

I was telling a story about how one website owner I had talked to wasn’t interested in anyone else’s ideas…that in fact, since he felt that he knew more than anyone, any idea from somebody else was quickly rejected.
This brought a strong reaction from Sean, who said that he feels like everyone has something to offer, and this solidified my respect for him. I thought, who really knows it all and if someone is closed to ideas, they won’t go far. Sean’s philosophy revolves around making the web experience positive for his readers and to creating win win situations for all. That’s why Bootsnall is so successful.

January 19th, 2005

Back in Portland, Oregon

Back in Portland as of yesterday avo.  Got a bit of a cold, dripping eyes and nose.  60+ degrees.

January 18th, 2005

Random stuff from Newark Airport

Donovan and I are sitting at the Newark Airport catching up on some e-mail.  Just read this article about possibly living forever.  Of course, Michelle’s death brings it to top of mind.

Another link worth reading….10 reasons worth eating at Mackers.

Great trip to NY for sure.  Met so many people and had a lot of good laughs.  I am ready to go back home to see all the Acadia folks and hope everyone will be ok.  Chris mentioned some fund or something on the tele yesterday for her.   Will post about it when I know more.

The sun is rising over the runways.  It’s pretty.

See you in PDX soon.

January 17th, 2005

Rest in Peace: Michelle Nunes

A friend of mine Michelle Nunes died the other day.  Chris just told me a few minutes ago.  Sorry to hear this and peace and prayers to her other friends and family.  I was lucky enough to know her for about a year.


January 17th, 2005

66-Year-Old Romanian Woman Gives Birth

January 17th, 2005

Citizen Jordan – A basketball legend’s soulless retirement caps his soulless career.

Ouch… it’s a bit harsh…but an interesting perspective.

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