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January 31st, 2005

Mini Mac vs Old Cube

Glennf compares
Ouch – the new one is better on almost all counts and has some things that the old one doesn’t – all you had todo was wait 4 years or so.

More Nick Wedding outfits

Check out Nick and Ika…good stuff.

January 31st, 2005

For migs

January 31st, 2005

Peeing on Snow

January 30th, 2005

Sosa gone and I am home and some links

nickYou want to know why Sosa is no longer a Cub? Because he forgot how to
take the temperature of a city that can stomach losing but despises
frauds. He underestimated the long-term effects of his annual late
arrivals to spring training, his no-shows at the yearly Cubs
Convention, the 2003 corked-bat incident, the 2004 hissy fits when
Baker had no choice but to drop him in the batting order, the
ditch-and-lie incident of Oct. 3.

from this: Sad but true

Just got back…..we made it…see Nick’s rundown of the wedding here.

World’s Glacier’s Melting
Having just got back from Semarang, Indonesia – it is so pollutted there.  I’m guessing that much of the world’s manufacturing has moved to Asia and we are still making lotsa stuff, just not as much in the US as we used to…all these gases and pollution…maybe it screw up the glacier n shit.

January 29th, 2005

BootsnAll in Dallas Morning News

BootsnAll In DMNews
gotta register

Currently in Singapore Airport.  2 flights down, 3 to go. Ugh.  Singapore aiport is nice and they have a gym so we can workout and shower before the long leg.

This week is huge.  Lotsa stuff todo and catch up on.  I can’t wait for monday morning!

Check out this wedding reception pic.  Rad

January 27th, 2005

Random Links

January 26th, 2005

Nick is not Single

I can’t really do a play by play to remember all the details.  But we did take a lot fo pictures and video of the ceremony.  Good times and Nick is married.  Ika and Nick moved into our hotel today so we can hang out more before the saturday ceremony.  Evidentally, Chris and I are getting dressed up in some Javanese outfits for the bash.  The family doesn’t drink alcohol here, so it will be a non-traditional reception for us.  Looking forward to it.

Nick is well…Ika is a kewl chic.  I am happy for them

Other random thoughts….

1) I learned that many of the Muslim girls here are circumscised (sp?) – yups – they cut off the clitoris at birth!  The blokes get circumscised at age 13 in a ceremony.  Ika’s ma and dad have pictures of there 2 sons ceremony – we will see the pics on saturday – hopefully

2) Love Singapore Airport:  Only had 1/2 hour there on way through – will get 3 on way back.  Free wifi and good atmosphere

3) Nick is married and happy.  All the behind the scenes stuff like $$, expectations, family are facinating. (sp?) – Nick talk a good bit about it on his blog the past few weeks.

4) We are doing whatever today…which means mostly nothing but hanging out.

5) I am reading a book on Feng Shui (sp?) from a friend.  I gotta get some of that Feng Shui stuff happening.  Anyone know a consultant to doit/recommend stuff so my house/life has more of it.

6) This is such a blitzcrig (sp?) trip – not much time todo anything…Semarang -the city we are in seems not to be tourist/traveler oriented at all…but still comfortable.

Cheers to all

January 26th, 2005

Steve Martin Tribute to Johnny Carson

I think I saw somewhere crossing the Pacific Ocean, that Johnny Carson died.  Here is Steve Martin’s tribute to him.  Nice one.

January 23rd, 2005

PDX Wifi, catching breath

I’m back at the spot where Donovan and I spent a morning before leaving for New York 1.5 weeks ago….except this time with Chris, and on my way to Indonesia.  Chris and I were just talking as we got screened through security…the gist of it is, "I can’t believe we decided to goto Indonesia 3 days ago"

It’s kewl though.  As Deanna drove us to the airport, she said that this is the reason that you work your arses off, so we can do stuff like this.  I reckon she is right.

Sorry to all for my grammer f’ups and spelin mistaks all da time.  Momma said she wondered why I went to college and stuff.  Well, this is my space to scribble…my blog is my public place to scribble and when I am jamming stuff down quickly…I care more about the idea than spelling of grammer.  Thanks for caring ma and hope we can blog a bit in Indo.


January 23rd, 2005

Off to Java, Indonesia tonight

Leaving at 9 pm tonight.  Gotta do a few last errands and todos for BootsnAll, watch the footy, and workout then I am dust for 1 week.  Nick e-mailed us and is stoked that we are coming.  He said get ready, it’s bigtime 3rd world where we are going, not like Bali  I can’t wait.

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